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The Ritual to connect to the Egregor

The ceremony goal is to connect the to hermetic egregor and tuning yourselves to be able to get enegry from the Order.

In the ceremony all neophytes and adepts of the Order can participate, but each element of the ceremony must be a dipolar therner (i.e. male and female) и neutralizer (i.e. androgyne). For that there should be groups (therners) of three members gathered. One trerner members must simultaneously create 2 polar vortexs and a stream as a balance to them on the base of the Middle Pillar. 
1st part of the ritual lies in the creation of streams Malcut-Keter to join to the egregor; 
2nd part lies in the creation of streams Keter-Malcut to tune to be able to get the energy of the Order. 

The ritual for the therner active (male) element

Before the ceremony the Relaxation Ritual and the Ritual of the Cross must be completed (by request the full PR or HR can be also performed). Perform the Ritual of the Middle Pillar to activate the energy centers and to focus on them (including essential Keter and Malcut). Stay in the condition focused on the spheres before the ceremony begins. Focus the attention on the sphere Malcut under feet in the time appointed. Direct by sight from this center the energy that goes on spiral upward (if looking downward, the rotation is clockwise). Further the energy is directed upward around the back. You are turning out "swaddled" like an Egyptian mummy from the feet to the head. But there is the energy instead of the clothes. You will feel the circulation of the spirit force as a pure spirit light, and the energy rises on the spiral to Keter. The Energy envelops you and goes through you. In the moment of the vortex creation, concentrate yourself on the Order Egregor, now you are Hermes Trismegist, your strength and memory flows into you from Malcut. At the same time you sold be concentrated on other members of your group - the female element and the androgyne. You are the pole but together your group is a single whole. Feel members of your group, merge with them in the single stream, but do not forget that you are the pole. Feel all the members of the Order, who perform this ceremony all over the world, merge with them, they are your Brothers and Sisters, we are the one whole. Maximize the feeling of the unity and get ready to tune yourself to the Order energy. It emanates from Keter. The stream rotates in the same direction, but does not rise, and it descends from Keter into Malcut, passing through your body, saturating and harmonizing you. Stay in such the condition as long as you wish. 

The ritual for the therner passive (female) element 

The same as for the male element, but the vortex rotations is opposite (counterclockwise). 

The ritual for the therner neutral element 

The androgyne task is to balance inside himself the polar streams of the other members of the stream. For that it is necessary at the very first stage (joining the egregor) to create not a vortex but the stream the same way as in the ritual of the Middle Pillar, but going bottom-up. At the second stage the stream direction is top-down. The other recommendations vide in the ritual for the male element. Here is important to realize that you are both male and female, light and dark, a personification of the absolute balance. 

Note: you can imagine yourself as mythological characters, but united in three. I.e. Set-Isida-Osiris, Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu and etc. 

All questions concerning the ritual feel free to ask at "The Hermetic initiation"