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The general Recommendations 

At each magician the methods of work, but are also the general moments. For example, I all over again spend diagnostics on a photo, I try to find out all aspects of a problem, and then accept the decision to undertake for this case whether or not. Remote influence on a photo - action complex enough. It is necessary to visualize an image of the person. That the phantom is similar to the real person to him it became necessary to give personal features inherent only in these individual. Therefore I make an individual horoscope of the person at presence of all data: dates, time and the birthplace. The initials personify the phantom, vesting with his name and a surname of the real person.

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FREE-OF-CHARGE diagnostics your data are necessary 

For carrying out of diagnostics on your problem for me: name, date of a birth, time and the birthplace for drawing up of your individual horoscope is desirable, your photo and a photo of that person on which you want to affect.

It is desirable for a photo that were in full growth, better in colour but if such is not present anyone will approach. Necessarily specify when it has been made by a photo, even approximately. For work, but the closer she any photo will approach to the original, the better. I need to make exact representation how the person looks now. Therefore if there is no fresh photo specify that has changed in appearance of the person.

There are restrictions on the size of a photo. The letter with all enclosed files should not exceed 700 KB. If you have not kept within this size try to reduce a file through any graphic editor or to send them separately from the letter. After carrying out of diagnostics you can choose one of the ways of the decision of your problems offered by me.